What is a “Micro-Launch”?

A Micro-Launch, at it’s core, is a focus group that helps you work out all the kinks in your product before you launch your product.  Micro-Launches are usually  conducted live, over the phone, via webinar or webcast.  Micro-Launches are only offered to an exclusive group of people.

Micro-Launches typically consist of 25-100 people depending on the size and stage of your business.  It’s common to charge anywhere between $37 to $197 for people to participate in a Micro-Launch.  They are essentially getting everything you teach in your online course directly from you, live, for a fraction of the cost of the online program.

What is the purpose of a Micro-Launch?

There are several benefits to executing Micro-Launch.  On one hand, it’s an opportunity to practice teaching and training in order to discover any sticking points or areas of the training that need more attention.  Sometimes the creases can’t be seen until the course is being taught.  A Micro-Launch allows you to iron out those creases without risking your reputation, losing sales, etc.

The main purpose of a Micro-Launch is to gather feedback and testimonials from the small group of people who are involved in the Micro-Launch from the customer side.  The feedback you get from the Micro-Launch will be invaluable information and it will help you refine and put the polish on your product.

Another great benefit to a Micro-Launch is that it can give you a jump-start on building your email list.  The more hype you create around your Micro-Launch the more growth you will see in your list.  Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with keeping your Micro-Launch on the down-low, but if you already have a large database, you can use a Micro-Launch to test your funnel and product with a specific segment of your list.

How is a Micro-Launch different from a Product Launch.

A Micro-Launch is the equivalent to a focus group for a new household product, a pilot show for a new TV series, or a Beta release of a new software product.

The Product Launch is the big event that takes place once the product is ready and made available for purchase.  The Micro-Launch is used to help get the product ready for the actual Product launch.

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