Use Facebook Custom Audience Retargeting For Your Next Product Launch

In the world of product launches and info-products, Facebook advertising is one of the most highly under-leveraged tools at everyone’s disposal.  To clarify, I’m not saying that no one is using Facebook Ads; rather, they just aren’t maximizing all the capabilities the Facebook Ads platform has to offer.

Facebook’s advertising platform is very robust and powerful; it provides the opportunity to run some very sophisticated marketing campaigns.  Today, we will be focusing on how to leverage Facebook’s custom audiences to set up a retargeting campaign using email addresses that have been acquired from a product launch.

Before we get started, lets make sure we’re on the same page.

What Is Retargeting?

Have you ever shopped for something online and then that product starts to “magically” appear in ads on other websites too? It almost feels like the product is following you? Well, that is retargeting in action and it’s very effective.

Facebook retargeting allows you to place marketing messages in front of specific people who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your website or have given you their email address.

Why Is Retargeting Important?

Sales experts say, on average, people need to be exposed to something 5-7 times before they actually purchase.

Retargeting with Facebook custom audiences allows you to maximize your brand or product exposure by placing marketing messages in front of people who have already visited your website or given you their email address. You can use these marketing messages to generate traffic to sales pages that are optimized to convert prospects to new customers, or, upsell existing customers to other relevant products.

How Does Retargeting With Custom Audiences Work?

Facebook’s custom audiences allow you to import a list of email addresses, or track people who have visited your website, and use that information to display highly targeted ads. This blog post is focused on retargeting campaigns using the email address import function.

Once you import your email addresses, Facebook will then match email address to user accounts by cross-referencing email addresses associated with individual user profiles.  As soon as your ads goes live, only people within the custom audience(s) you have assigned to that ad will be exposed to that particular message.  This will allow you to create tailored ad campaigns that will drive highly targeted traffic back to your website or an offer.

Facebook has a limit of 200 custom audiences per ad account; but, there is no limit to how many users can be in any one custom audience. If you have a large email list, it’s important to note that Facebook only allows you to upload a maximum of 10,000 entries at once. It can take up to an hour for Facebook to analyze large imports.

Using Facebook Custom Audience Retargeting With Your Next Product Launch

Facebook retargeting is another way to maximize the results of any product launch.  Most product launches typically start with providing a series of free content and then presenting an offer to purchase a product to get more in-depth information.

In exchange for access to your free content, you’ll usually ask for at least a name and email address.  Most online marketers only use this information for email follow up, but we all know that open rates on email are usually less than 25%.  That means if you send out an email to 1,000 people, less than 250 people will actually open the email; and even fewer will read or click a link in your email.

This is why custom audiences are such a groundbreaking concept.  Now you can take those 1,000 email contacts and import them into your Facebook Ads account.  Now you will be able to place targeted and relevant ads in front of people who have already shown interest by opting-in to access your free content.

Not only can you use the email opt-ins to target people with your ads, but you can also create a custom audience of people who have already purchased and exclude them from seeing your ads.  This is called an excluded audience.

This combination of targeting individuals who haven’t yet purchased and excluding individuals who have purchased will allow you to make special offers further in the sales process to drive more product sales.

A launch email sequence and a custom audience Facebook Ads campaign are the 1-2 punch that will make your next product launch a knockout success.

Now here’s some screenshots that will help you get started with creating custom audiences for your next launch.

How to Set Up Custom Audience Retargeting


  • Login to Facebook



  • Access your Ads Account





  • Click on Audiences




  • Click Create Audience




  • Select Type of Audience. For this example we will be uploading our email list to create a custom audience for our campaign. Select Data File Custom Audience to follow along.




  • Fill out the information and upload your .csv file.


You may have to clean up your database export file before you upload it to Facebook. The .csv file you upload should contain ONLY email addresses. (No names or other contact info)



  • Click Create Audience to start the creation of your custom audience




  • Depending on the size of your email import, it may take up to a couple hours for your custom audience to be ready for use. You will see a “Waiting” designation until your audience is ready for action.






  • Navigate back to your Ads Account – Click on Facebook Power Editor





  • Import Ads Account Data – Click Download to Power Editor.





  • Create a campaign – Click Create New Campaign and fill out the form.




  • Create an Ad – Click Create New Ad and fill out the form.





  • Select your custom audience(s) & excluded audience(s) – Simply start typing the name of the Audience you created.



Make sure the rest of your targeting options aren’t working against your custom audience. For example, 75% of your custom audience is women, and you have the “Men only” demographic set.



  • Set your pricing options. I have personally always seen my best results when selecting optimized cpm





  • Publish your custom audience Ad by clicking Upload Changes



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