Dennis Yu, Is He Really a Facebook Ads Expert?

Dennis Yu, Is He Really a Facebook Ads Expert?

Guest Post Written by:
Dennis Yu
Founder, BlitzMetrics

I’ll tell you a secret…

I don’t really know that much about Facebook ads.

Folks like Jon Loomer, Keith Kranc, Addie Conner, and Michael Johnson probably know more about the nitty gritty mechanics of Power Editor than me.

If you look at my LinkedIn endorsements, nothing Facebook-related shows up in the top 8 items:

Dennis Yu LinkedIn Facebook Ads Expert


Yet I’m not truly an SEO expert— if I was, I wouldn’t have a couple spammers still ranking on my name “Dennis Yu” from when I blew open the doors on how Facebook spam worked back in 2009.

And even the self-proclaimed SEO experts are now retreating into content/influence marketing, which is the game they’ve actually always been playing to sell tools to the SEOs.  They’re the modern day shovel sellers in the gold rush days. But I digress.

Mark Cuban tells his story of how he got started in business– by hustling in selling hardware. He didn’t know that much, he admitted, but he could certainly read through the manuals for a couple of hours before meeting with a prospective customer. And that effort was enough to close most deals. Cuban remarked at how that alone enabled him to outsell his more lazy competitors.

His secret was that he worked his butt off.

I’m not a Mark Cuban, nor want to be just like him.
But I have met him (he might not remember) and have learned a lot from him.

People say our social conversions come from Facebook ads mastery, but really, that’s 5% of it.

The other 95% is basic content marketing and marketing strategy, governed by checklists.
And the checklists are nothing more than the mundane implementation of tasks as boring as reading computer manuals.

People don’t want to grind through the 30 item checklist and the hundred tasks within them.
It’s like chores they are trying to avoid– veggies that children refuse to eat.

They’d rather ascribe magical powers or unobtainable skill as a reason for not doing it themselves.
This is in addition to being too busy, not having enough resources, or some other cop-out that prevents immediate action.

What I’ve learned in 20 years of business is that hard work applied against smart checklists deliver results.
It’s the same reason you keep coming back to your favorite retailer– a repeatable franchise process.

I’ll give you an example.

I write a ton of articles– 7-8 per week, and they take 10 minutes each to write.
No joke– even this one.

Then with the help of a team, we post them on high profile sites like AdWeek.

Then we use micro-targeted ads to amplify– using the dollar a day strategy.
Yup– a complex goal, broken into many simple steps.

Write enough articles about a topic and soon people will assume you’re an expert.
For example, I got voted #6 in PPC Hero as most knowledgeable about AdWords.
But who’s to really know?  It’s a popularity game.

You, too, could share your best tips with real examples of how you got things done.
Share your checklists, which are systematized distillations of your knowledge.

And believe it or not, the open sharing of knowledge doesn’t take away business.
It increases the number of people who reach out to you for help.

Let your “competitors” learn what you do, since you don’t compete against them.
If they’re really good, maybe even better than you, then enlist their help in your content marketing efforts.
Interview them and promote them– then they promote you.

Crazy, isn’t it?

You’ll find that as you work more closely with them, you each serve niches that the other doesn’t.
So you’ll willingly collaborate, through from a casual glance, you appear to be competitors.

So here are my best secrets:

  • Work your butt off, since people will think it’s genius, as opposed to hard work.
  • Don’t be afraid of your “competitors”– you want the smartest and biggest folks as your allies.
  • If someone knows more than you, praise them and learn from them.
  • Everyone is really in the PR game, whether they know it or not.
  • Package that knowledge into checklists of bite-sized tasks that a younger you could implement.

At the end of the day, yes I do know a lot about Facebook Ads, but Facebook Ads is just a tactic, a tool. It all comes down to how you’re using Facebook Ads within a much bigger picture.


I am grateful and honored to have been involved in some of the biggest and most successful Facebook Ads campaigns to date, but those successes are less about “ninja Facebook Ads hacks” (or whatever silly hype people are selling these days) and more about the bigger overall strategy.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

– Dennis Yu

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